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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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will file for separation. anything you want to do it. >> and fans say good-bye to actor gene wilder. the 4:00 on 2 starts now. well there is no denying. >> he acknowledges his right to do that, but i don't respect the motivation or action. >> you need to show some respect, especially the position that we're in. >> colin kaepernick may very well suffer from this. >> when i saw this my first take away was okay i'm cool with it, but not everyone is going to agree with it and it will divide to some degree the locker room. >> well there is no denying that colin kaepernick has people talking. welcome to the 4:00 on 2, i'm ted rowlands. >> i'm heather holmes. the 49ers quarterback has ignited a spirited debate about what role athletes can and should play in terms of
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political issues. now despite the backlash, kaepernick will continue his national anthem protest. >> yeah. i will continue to sit to stand for those that are being set back. i feel like the flag will represent what it is suppose to represent and the people are representing the way they are suppose to, then i'll stand. >> now a second nfl player say that he will sit during the national anathemas well. today there is support from at least some of his former players. we are live outside the stadium with jesse. >> reporter: yes, guys. the multi-billion dollar business that is professional football, the nfl now being leveraged as a tool to take on a greater attention for some saying that it has flipped from the national spotlight. go ahead and take a look at the video. earlier today colin kaepernick
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went through the pieces with his 49ers teammates at the performance here in santa clara. but the back up is now best known for not standing up during the national anthem of last week's pre-season game against green bay. number seven remains seated saying that his inaction helps with injustice. we asked him if those chaponning the cause -- championing away from the cause will be for the society at large. >> it definitely helps because if people weren't talking about it, it will not get solved. we'll protest so many times, we'll have silent protests to say that our lives really matter until people are speaking about it and people are actually saying that black lives do matter. it is not just the black people because obviously we care about our lives and we want allies to know that we do matter. >> reporter: many are likening the emergence of modern athletes now during the 1968
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mexico city olympic games. you'll remember the raised fists, a symbol of black power and human rights. the two were also shoeless wearing black socks to draw attention to black poverty. while those pushing for social equality applaud athletes joining their groups, more are needed. we will talk more about what that could mean in the next hour. we are live outside the home of the 49ers levi stadium in santa clara. jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, jesse, thank you. well about an hour ago we actually spoke to tommy smith about kaepernick's stance and asked him what he thinks and if he thinks that it'll make a difference. >> it already has. it has brought out to people because they hate him because of his ignorance as i will say that and those who love him because he is putting his whole life on the line just for a possible change in the future. it is not going to take out the ignorance, but it will be bringing attention to the need
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to keep fighting for a stronger america. >> and we will have much more of that interview with mr. smith coming up on the ktvu news at 5:00. our sports anchor joe fonzi is here now. and joe, i know that we talked yesterday about how this is impacting the 49ers locker room. but this has really become a national debate. >> yeah, i'm not sure that anyone knew that it would have the kind of traction, especially colin kaepernick that has said it nationally. interestingly enough the stance before friday night's game was old news in the 49ers locker room today. and today it will be more about how his actions are being perceived around the country. it was yesterday that kaepernick met with reporters in santa clara that would further elaborate on their position during the 18-minute session with the media. most of the leaders of the locker room, they would also weigh in yesterday. one very significant voice was heard today. under jim harbaugh that kaepernick first came to nfl prom nans with the 49ers. harbaugh is in his second year
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as the head coach at the university of michigan. and today was asked about kaepernick. >> i acknowledge his right to do that, but i don't respect the motivation or the action. >> harbaugh later amended that statement tweeting i apologize for misspeaking my true sentiments. to clarify i support his motivation, it is his method of action that i take exception to. strong comments yesterday from one of kaepernick's former teammates offensive lineman alex boone who now plays for the minnesota vikings. >> they are standing up in their wheelchair. hi a brother who served and he lost -- i had a brother who served and he lost his legs and it is shameful. i'm a very emotional person. i think if i had known that, we would have had a problem. >> and kaepernick is already addressing his current teammates in a team meeting
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with the 2016 regular season approaching the 49ers organization asked to be concerned about how this will all potentially play out on the field. kaepernick will not be the 49ers starting quarterback, but his stand could be viewed as something to divide the locker room. >> again, whether you agree with it or not, you need to come together and that is the main thing. that is what will make it so great and that there will be so many people from so many different areas to all come together to have one goal in this community. that you would have people with a religious background, and you know, we always try to come together on the main goal. that is why we are really here. >> i think that it is a great point that joe staley makes to have a whole group of very
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different 53 people in the locker room that it is not different pulling towards a common goal, which is what team sport is all about, putting the personal belief behind in terms of football. and that is what the challenge is for the 49ers right now. but you and i talked about it last night. i'm not sure that colin kaepernick knew that he would be such a lightning rod and that he has now become. so now you need to ask yourself what is the end game? and whatever attention has been drawn to this issue. and what happens next? and now that he will be the subject of intense media scrutiny every time the national group would be there for every single 49ers game. what's going to happen on the road when they travel and so i think that we have just seen the very first of this as far as how it will be played out and perceived around the country. >> at the beginning of the show, we mentioned that another nfl player said that he was going to join colin kaepernick and sit down during the national anthem. apparently that they have had a little bit of a change of heart. >> right.
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i guess that's the thing that everybody is going to struggle with. and what do you do if you feel that your beliefs are similar to his and that you want to draw attention to the arguments that should be made and at the same time, not disrespecting all the things that the flags will stand for and the veterans who have fought and to have sympathy for that. and yet obviously on the other side they say that they fought for their right to express ourselves to have the freedom to do that. and so that is what you're going to hear in terms of the argument pro and con and how symbolic is this? and how is it a vehicle for change verses just being something that will be symbolic by somebody that will have the platform? >> as more players do start doing this that it will take on a whole different life. >> i think the other thing that you need to give him credit for, traditionally, modern athletes that have been very reluctant to make their political stands to cause them money that we don't really know it. and michael jordan's politics are or tiger woods and magic johnson during their time when they will be receiving all the endorsements that they were and
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players, they will be reluctant to view their political policies and because of the fact that it could potentially affect their endorsements. and so in that sense, colin kaepernick, he was willing to put himself out there. what will this ultimately bring about in terms of change? i suppose that it will be up to him moving forward. >> yes. >> joe fonzi in the locker room today. thank you so much, joe. well right now as you heard, he does have the support of some of his teammates and the prominent teammates in the game. even if the organization and the league itself have distanced themselves on the action. for more on the message of delivering it is mcbride. my first question to you is what do you think of what he is doing? >> heather, thanks for having me on here. it is a deeper appreciation for them taking the very courageous stance that he would do to lift
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up his voice, particularly around the issues that are closest to the city, that all of us will have something to contribute to the different postures and those places that we'll find ourselves. even though they don't have the same kind of experiences to inform them having that understanding around why they spoke the way that they did and i think that there will be an opportunity for us to lean in to listen and rather than becoming more angry. >> i could be wrong here. not sitting during the national anthem. do you think that there might be a better way for them to spread their message? >> he would have a great way of expressing it, an appropriate way of expressing it. one of the challenges of finding them right now. and that they are really demonstrating this and that it is no longer allowed in the national discourse that they made it very popular and a lot of their stances that they have
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made by the kind of actions that he would take. when they would encourage in the protest work that would happen in the streets, by the shutting down of the different kinds of the intersections, the freeways for them to be taking much more of a silent action, more understood by folks. even in the reality where he will not be disturbing anyone this too is being critiqued by others. it is not so much around what will be their inability to actually focus on the issue that he is protesting about. >> i do want to point out one more thing that i'm hearing from people on facebook and twitter. while he was quick to point out in his words that the country is oppressing people, he didn't offer any solutions on lifting those particular minority communities up. >> well absolutely. i think what he is doing is beginning to offer his personal opinion and pointing people to
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a variety of the different things that he will be seeing as he expressed in some of his comments and some of the learnings that he will begin to receive. that it will cause their own opinion to evolve. while we have local strategies that are happening here all around us here in the bay area like tomorrow that it will be at 1515 clay where we will be talking about the transformation that there will be many out there and it is not the best thing for us to express. he is leveraging both their privilege and the power to raise awareness around a very important issue. we all have the invitation to lean forward. >> there is going to be another transition in regards to a new chief of the police department. and the mayoral, the mayor today announcing that they are kind of stepping up their efforts. >> we are looking for the
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leadership with respect to their system that will be embracing their idea of the community control, the oversight. it is in the best interest of the law enforcement officials to actually have their systems that will have the equal buy in and ownership with people in the community. that's why we are promoting the next police chief here in oakland that wants to work alongside a community that will do nothing for their community control and their oversight as a threat, but they will see it as an accountable measure, enabling the trust. that it will be needed from the community members to actually co-exist in a safe and honorable way. we need a police chief that is about a culture that will be about the manatee and as long as they will be willing to listen to those that will be directly impacted and closest to the pain that they will be moving closer to the north star. >> thank you so much for coming in and talking to us on the two very different topics. >> thanks for having me.
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all right, we are now going to check in with our meteorologist to get a look at your bay area forecast. yeah, a beautiful one out there. some of us will be slightly cooler waking up with all the cloud cover that it has since cleared up. a view there at the golden gate bridge. and it will be mid to high- level clouds that will be joining us today with a bit of a different view. 65 in san francisco. the inner east bay is 80 degrees in livermore and concord and those afternoon highs will be very pleasant for this time of the year. as we head to the south bay, 75 in san jose with a look at those 24 hour temperature change. a little cooler in livermore and warmer this afternoon in napa. all in all only subtle changes are going on, but that is the bigger picture with a little bit that will continue to stream in and this is coming all the way from the tropics. i'll explain why and how it may impact us as we get into tonight and into tomorrow morning. more on that in just a little bit. back to you.
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all right, thank you so much, rosemary. well former new york congressman anthony weiner caught up in yet another sexting scandal. now his wife, a hillary clinton aide says that the couple is separated. again, after the third sexting scandal. we will take a look at how it could affect the race for president. and plus donald trump's fundraising in the bay area. next, we'll take a look at huge discrepancy in local funding between trump and hillary clinton. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back. the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good.
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presidential politics donald trump is back in the bay area tonight for a fundraising event on the peninsula. that event is private being held at an undisclosed location. it comes ahead of the much anticipated speech on illegal immigration that is scheduled for wednesday in arizona. trump is expected to clarify his position on the issue and amid speculations that he is softening his hard line stance. in the meantime hillary clinton is facing a new round of questions over donations accepted by her family's charity while she was secretary of state. a new poll shows clinton still has a commanding lead though in the race. >> i think you see democrats arguing that her untrustworthy numbers are so high and in some polls that will be higher than donald trump's, but she is still ahead of him because people have accepted that she is not to be trusted, but preferable to donald trump. >> the poll also shows that historically high number of
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voters have an unfavorable view of both candidates. more than any other election in recent history. meanwhile hillary clinton's aide is leaving her husband foremen congressman anthony weiner after the latest sexting episode. the new york posts says that weiner has been sending explicit photos to a woman for the last 19 months. one picture shows him in bed next to the sleeping 5-year-old son. weiner resigned from his congressional seat back in 2011 after it was revealed that he had sent lewd messages and photos to women online. but today in a statement she says that after long and painful consideration, she has decided to separate from her husband. joining me now is ktvu political analyst joe thubif. first of all she has been in
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the headlines recently. at this point shouldn't they distance themselves from her, and wouldn't it make sense for her to go away? >> i don't think that it will be served by having this as a new story right now if you notice that in the last services. and allowing them access to the e-mail messages or something like that. i don't know about the whole message, but like i said no, you are not happy with this. mrs. clinton is someone that believes strongly in loyalty to people who have been loyal to her. remember how long she took to get rid of the head of the national democratic party for the convention when she probably should have moved her out of there more quickly after that hacking scandal was announced.
4:21 pm
and she is someone that has been with her for close to 20 years. in fact she said that in print before and i think that she also understands that this woman is the victim of her husband. and that she is not someone that is an enabler to this. >> doesn't that factor in itself? doesn't that bring up images of bill clinton and remind everyone of what hillary once went through? >> it does, but to distance herself from that now would also be able to show indifference to the fact that it is a victim and also to be sort of making a mockery of what happened to hillary. and so i think that actually it will be a different way that the campaign will handle this to answer your question. it is not just to distance her, but to give her a low profile role for the next couple of weeks until the news story goes away. one would hope that her husband
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will be shaken by this, although there is not a limit to it, but also stay out of the news for a while. >> let's switch gears donald trump is in town trying to raise money here as he is raising some. he has not raised nearly the sum of other republican candidates. is that because he is new at the game and doesn't have the infrastructure? has he lost that opportunity? >> actually there's a number of answers to the questions about his fundraising. the first answer is that the primary responsibility, or the cause for him not raising money, it is you and me and because we will do a lot of stories on this guy as do all the other athletes on the volume of the news coverage that will make him news worthy that kind of legitimizes the campaign in the eyes of the voters that don't know better that it will be something that he would otherwise need to pay for it and he has known from the beginning that since he was a bit of like a drama queen and from what he says will be
4:23 pm
emotional, exciting, a little crazy that it will make for great television, which is news worthy as we will cover it. but as he does that, he'll get all the attention as he never needed to spend enough money to introduce himself to those people. but in california, it is very obvious in this case that it will be a state that will be going heavily democratic. every major office is held by a democrat that you will not find a huge kind of chance, pardon me, that he would be doing well here. he is here for money because there will be republican donors. but the problem that he will be facing is that he has alienated so many gop donors with the kind of positions that he has taken and what he has taken with the other republicans that they are likely to not give him much money either. but the way that you'll frame the question is that they have raised $80 million at the same time she would raise $90. and that you need to be careful with them if you are hillary clinton to keep asking for money as they have made number
4:24 pm
of those battleground states to make their case there against clinton. >> all right, joe thuman, and the professor at fs state. thank you, we appreciate it. okay, news on the drones that could dramatically expand the use of the technology as we will talk with the aviation expert about what the changes mean and how often that you'll see drones buzzing overhead. we'll also talk more about that picture. yeah, it was on this day 50 years ago when the beatles were here in the bay area.
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a new era began today for drones. the new rules took effect allowing anyone 16 years and older to fly the drones. more than 330 people have signed up to take the test today, the first day it was available. and once certified, you can fly during daylight, within sight, and no higher than 400 feet from the ground. passing the test will allow the drone users to fly them up to 400 feet as i mentioned during the daylight hours. joining me now via skype to talk more about the new rules is loretta, the aviation attorney of professor at bond college of aeronautics. my first question is that this basically changes the process of becoming a commercial drone pilot. no need to have a traditional pilot's license. >> absolutely. it is really a historic day in
4:28 pm
aviation and it is a very exciting day for people who have been waiting for the change and the rules for ten or more years. a very big day in aviation. >> why do you say that? >> well because prior to today, it was so complicated to be able to fly commercially. today the world has, for the first time there are actual rules instead of exemption to rules. for example as you mentioned you don't have to have a manned aircraft certificate. you don't have to apply for an exemption. a lot of the requirements in the prior exemptions do not exist in the current rule. and so there are a lot of safeguards and the testing will help ensure that people have the appropriate sensitivity and knowledge to stay away from aviation than from ground, from
4:29 pm
the manned aircraft and from ground hazards. >> okay, what does this mean for someone like myself? i have no interest in flying a drone, but what does this mean? you have so many people now that are brushing to get certified. >> well really for journalism. it's huge as i'm sure that you know cnn just got approval to fly over people. but as a journalist, now you or your camera person could fly a drone and get photographed as long as you comply with the new rules. so you could fly directly over people and you couldn't fly in a controlled air space, but there's a lot of situations where you could use a drone for filming. for example in your prior story, it looked to me that a drone had been used to take the photos of a house that you were showing just prior.
4:30 pm
they are very useful in journalism. >> sure, i guess that was speaking beyond myself as a journalist, but as an average sort of citizen what these new rules mean for someone who is not in journalism. >> well if you look behind me you'll see that i'm a drone pilot myself and i take a lot of drone photographs. certainly there's a lot of interest in photography, but aside from the arts there is also mapping, inspections, the use of the drones aside from what everyone has heard about on delivering packages. there's so many uses, potential uses. wal-mart is talking about using it to restock its warehouse. people have talked about using drones to wash windows. it is almost like a lot of experimentations in terms of how they can be used. >> and i anticipate that the number of the people signing up
4:31 pm
is just going to increase. again, already 33 people are signing up today alone. thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. >> thank you. and actor and comedian gene wilder has died at the age of 83. ♪ [ music ] ♪ anything you want to do it probably his best known role came in 1971 in the classic willy wonka and the chocolate factory. he got his first big break and an oscar nomination in the producer as he and mel brooks continued their collaboration producing unforgettable comedies including blazing saddles and young frankenstein. wilder later teamed up with richard pryor for more hits including silver streak. wilder's family said he died last week in his home in connecticut from complications of alzheimers disease. well people running for terminals panicked after reports of a shooter. we saw many videos like this on twitter last night. we're going to tell you about
4:32 pm
the bizarre cause at lax coming up. and plus a unique take on the controversy surrounding colin kaepernick who will speak with an active member of the navy who is also a huge 49ers fan. his take when the 4:00 on 2 returns.
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ultimately it is to bring awareness to make people realize what's really going on
4:35 pm
in this country. people are not being held accountable for and that is something that needs to change. >> colin kaepernick spent nearly 20 minutes speaking to reporters yesterday discussing his stance on the climate in america. and his decision to sit during the national anthem that has been played before the 49ers game. reaction has been extensive. some online people burning kaepernick jerseys. others are supporting him. but you can't underestimate how much action there has been to what he started last week. joining us now from san diego is kevin mitchell a part of the san diego-based niner fan club called 619. he is also a 14-year navy vet. kevin, you support colin kaepernick. why? you're a navy vet. >> you know what, like i said 14 years in the navy. i mean that i have been seeing them so much. what is more un-american than criticizing somebody for that? it is like they are showing you
4:36 pm
their beliefs. and you know, there is no reason to hate him. don't choose this. if anything that it will be a part of being courageous, more courage to stand up than it takes to stand down. >> and what have you heard in san diego? is it a huge amount of military veterans and the active military folks in san diego. what is the reaction to kaepernick down there? what do you expect to see on thursday when they are there in their next game? >> it is my birthday by the way. but to be honest that i spoke to a few of my former teammates. the ones i spoke to, that they don't have an issue with it. and how many of us do you think that they will be sitting at home watching the game standing up to the national anthem? but if we were at the game, i bet you that they would. and that it is the integrity, doing the right thing when no one is looking and therefore that we are all right if we are not on our way home. >> another point that you would have as you have posted it as a part of a video that you have online. people that hate kaepernick
4:37 pm
because he is having trouble on the field. but you say don't extend that into what they did. let's listen to what you posted online. >> you said that he didn't have it, but he showed that last night. why? because he stood up or he did stand up for what they believed in. >> and that is your point that some people say he doesn't have heart and you say this proves it? >> i mean he sat down in front of them and said that if he was losing football and endorsements sox be it. but if it is for the reason for what will be right, i mean how could you not be okay with that? i mean this country has the same thing and he is trying to make it better. they are trying to make a change, i don't get it. military, civilian or not. >> what about a fan? is this going to be a side show every stadium that he'll go to and that people will want to see him sit down and boo him. won't it be distracting for the team? >> i don't know if it will be a
4:38 pm
distraction, but it will be something that it is the focus of the other areas of the game and their world. but as long as he will be on the field, i don't think that it will really matter what their views are as far as him not showing you the national anthem. i mean that you can put them together. >> all right kevin mitchell, we appreciate your time and your point of view. and happy birthday on thursday. enjoy the game. >> appreciate it. thank you very much. >> yeah, all eyes will be on that game for sure. well next a historic anniversary as we are going to speak with the reknown journalist who is right here in studio with us to talk about this moment. yeah the beatles final concert at candlestick 50 years ago today. a little change in the weather pattern as we get into your tuesday. we are tracking the mid to high- level clouds. perhaps a sprinkle tomorrow morning. i'll explain and have your numbers coming up.
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remembering the beatles final concert 50 years ago today folks, where they performed right here in the bay area. joining me now is ben fontorres as you were lucky enough to be at that concert. what was it like? >> well, as one person was there and they said that it wasn't a concert, but an experience and that is exactly what it was by that time the beatles were so big that you
4:42 pm
were really going there just to be there. as paul told me years later, that he said he couldn't hear himself at all. it felt like a soccer game in europe. >> how many people were there? >> there were about 25,000. that it was not a sellout as they could have held it for the concert of 45,000, but they fell short of the sell out. >> why didn't they sell out? >> well, who knows as the ticket prices, they were absorbing it. at that time they had moved on from beatle mania. they had progressed in their music and the audience had gotten a little different too because it was the mid-60s now. and so beatle mania was no long -- was no longer there. they didn't draw the crowd on the road, but they still sold 25,000 tickets. >> what songs did they play in >> 11 songs. they didn't have to worry too much about the music because nobody was really trying to
4:43 pm
listen for audio quality. and they ran through 11 songs in about 30 to 35 minutes. the play list included, or actually it went this way because i just saw the show, the local beatles tribute band as they recreated the entire stint on stage rock 'n' roll music, she's a woman if i needed someone, day tripper, babies in the back, i feel fine, yesterday, one slow song in the bunch. i wannabe your man, nowhere man, paperback rider, then finally a little richard song long tall sally. >> i know you focused on paul mccartney, that this was taken 10 years in >> 1976. >> ten years later. what was that conversation like with him? did he have any regrets about candlestick being the final show? >> no, he didn't know that it would be the final show. a couple of his band mates, they felt like oh boy we've done it and it is time to pack it up. paul, i couldn't tell, but he was not ready to pack it up
4:44 pm
yet, no. so it was a surprise to him when it ended. when he looked back at it, he was like wow, we didn't know that san francisco was our last stop. but it was a lovely place and we enjoyed ourselves. >> would he have done things differently had he known? >> no question. i think that paul and the other beatles especially john would have orchestrated something special, yeah. >> why do you think it is that they called it quits? i remember reading something that john lennon said about the show in stockholm. how was it. his response was that it was fine. was that sort of showing you the glamorized life of being on the road? >> yes, by that time by 1966, john lennon was telling people that he had reduced itself to a puppet show. and paul said that he could hear it in himself that he was more of a phenomenon than a musical experience for the musicians that it is not very rewarding so they were just playing for the money. getting out of town within a few hours, which is exactly
4:45 pm
what they did in san francisco. they didn't even stay the night. they flew right back there and where they were going next on the tour. and it will be just unrewarding on the level as they were doing so much more musically than in studio and elsewhere and that it was just, you know, that it was the past by that time. >> it is so hard to believe as you and i were talking that i did not realize that it was not a sellout and also the fact that they would lose money. you would lose money on the beatles, are you kidding me? >> the tour providers for one thing that they got 65% of the gate. and that left the rest to the promoters who then needed to spend for security, 200 guards and transportation, and renting candlestick park. there you go all of it. >> yes. all right. something that i'm sure you'll always remember. >> yeah, always. >> thank you so much for coming in and talking to us today about the beatles. we'll send it over to rosemary with a look at your bay area forecast. >> okay, thank you so much.
4:46 pm
another pleasant day around the bay area. seasonably mild out there with a lot of 70s and 80s at the coast. we would have 60s for today. a little bit of an interesting picture there. mid to high-level clouds will begin to stream in earlier today and they will be with us throughout the next 24 hours or so. right now santa rosa is checking in at 79 degrees. 65 for san francisco and the low 70s in oakland and livermore and that you'll be at 80 degrees this afternoon and san jose at 75. for many of us, it will be the afternoon high for today. and again even running a little bit cool for this time of the year. we'll take a look at where these clouds are coming from. i will give you a look at two hurricanes that we are tracking out in the pacific. both are expected to head towards hawaii and the first one, that it will be looking closer to wednesday and maybe actually just kind of moving right past areas around the big island that we will be tracking it. the second one here, they could actually impact the islands as we will get a little bit closer to the labor day weekend. if you have any plans to be in hawaii over the next week or so, definitely something that will be worth watching. that moisture, it is actually
4:47 pm
being pulled into northern california as you can see it here just a little bit how they are getting caught up in the flow and northern california will be showing you a few scattered showers tonight and into tomorrow and that they are just about to cut it off north of the lake county where you will see the best possibility. but we cannot rule out their possibility of maybe a few sprinkles, even the slight chance for the thunderstorms here tonight and into tomorrow and if we give you a little bit of the closer view that you can see how they will begin to move over and continue to stream on through the next 12 to 24 hours. here is a look at future cast models to pick it up for you at this hour and the low clouds that we just saw on their satellite view. as you get into tomorrow morning with the lower clouds that will be mixed with the mid to high-level clouds and just a mild start for your evening. perhaps tomorrow afternoon as we will get into the afternoon hours, we'll clear out. then more clouds will roll in. but notice that you did not see any rain falling in their area as they are not expecting it, a 10% to 20% chance for them and that it means it will be a very slim opportunity for them. but it is there and tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudy
4:48 pm
skies with the temperatures in the mid-50s to 60 degrees. 55 in pacifica and upper 50s in oakland. 60 degrees for your morning in antioch. afternoon highs will be a lot like what we are experiencing this afternoon. 58 at pacifica and the upper 60s in areas right around san francisco. 76 expected for redwood city and into the south bay at 79. as we go inland it will be a warm day, but not bad at all. to the north bay 81 expected for santa rosa tomorrow and 80 degrees expected for napa with a look at your extended forecast as we will get into the next couple of days. it is not a lot of change that will be going on as temperatures will be cooling off slightly. it'll be hard to tell and that if the changes are so subtle wednesday into thursday, friday perhaps for a bump in those numbers. then as we get into your bay area weekend, more of the same in the mid to upper 80s for the inland forecast and 60s at the coast as we are going to end august and start for september, which will be very pleasant weather. >> i take it that it will be going on for the rest of the
4:49 pm
year, rosemary. >> thanks, rosemary. a look at the stories that we are working on for you for ktvu at 5:00 a. . a lot of people are weighing in. >> yes, he is showing the national anthem. tonight at 5:00, hear what olympic gold medalist tommie smith thinks about what colin kaepernick did. you'll recall it, tommie smith raised his fist in support of the black power in the 1968olympics. tommie smith and his buddy john carlo ended up paying a steep price for their actions. >> we are looking forward to hearing more on what he had to say. and also california will continue to be somewhat of a cash atm for those candidates running for president. >> yeah, donald trump is expected back in the bay area tonight. sky fox flew over a home at woodside as they were getting ready for an event. tonight at 5:00 what we're learning about the fundraiser and donald trump's visit. >> all right, thank you so much. we'll see you today at 5:00.
4:50 pm
>> okay. and next here panic at the airport was lead to this scene and the closure of los angeles international airport. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back. oh i don't think so... oh come on dad you have great stories, come on. well okay. you kids know how your grandmother and i met? not that one, skip. what? just next. swipe. i used to collect marbles when i was... next haha. thanks. swipe. get high speed internet from at&t with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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a false reports of gun shot would send passengers fleaing last night after officers with weapons drawn detained a man dressed as the character zorro. the panic lead to major flight delays. police say that there is no evidence of shots fired or a gunman at the airport. the investigation into the incident is underway. well drug maker mylan just announced they'll offer a generic version of the life- saving allergy treatment epipen for half the listed price for
4:53 pm
the brand name treatment. the company is the center of a national controversy over skyrocketing drug prices. today's announcement marks a sharp shift for mylan defending their price increases, which resulted in a list price of about $600 for a two-pack of the emergency injection treatment. that is up from about $100 seven years ago. well six scientists have wrapped up a year-long experiment to see how difficult that the challenges might be for people who travel to mars. family and friends held a countdown for their simulated return to earth. the researchers lived inside that small dome and they could only go outside if they were wearing the space suits. communication with the outside world was put on a 20-minute delay to mimic deep space conditions. the university of hawaii is researching how people would cope with isolation if they
4:54 pm
were living on another planet. >> the u.s. research going on here is just super vital when it will come to picking crews, figuring out how people will need to work on different kinds of missions. that it is sot of the human factors and their elements of space travel, colonization, whatever you're looking at. >> now that researchers are back on what they call earth that they say they are looking forward to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, getting into the ocean, and feeling the sun again. well researchers say that they may now know how the ancient ancestor named lucy met her death more than three million years ago. new analysis of the skeleton shows those with humans falling on the hard ground. the university of texas researchers said that lucy probably fell from a tall tree and sustained serious leg injuries. they think that the injuries were so severe that she probably died very rapidly after the fall. however the research is disputed by a report of the journal nature. it points out that a lot could
4:55 pm
happen to a skeleton in 3.2 million years that lucy's body may have been trampled by stampeding beasts. >> who knows what. one major u.s. city is getting rid of a long standing rule for taxi drivers. why cab drivers no longer have to be proficient in english. we'll have that when the 4:00 on 2 continues.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
enis really built into theat foundation of the company. whole foods market is engaged with pg&e on many levels, to really reduce energy and reduce our environmental footprint. for a customer like whole foods, saving energy means helping our environment, and we can be a part of that. helping customers save energy is a very important part of what pg&e does. we can pass those savings on to the environment, the business, and the community. pg&e really is an expert in saving energy, and that partnership is extremely exciting. together, we're building a better california.
4:58 pm
i don't new ordinance is doing away with longstanding provision cab dryers in new york city to be proficient in english. they had to take a english proficiency exam but it's no longer required. to make it easier for nonenglish speaking immigrants to work as a cab driver. supporters say that in an era of those global position devices drivers no longer need to speak english to do their job. >> it is a step into the middle class for many which should be removing barriers entry rather than keeping them in place. >> it's definitely very important required language that every yellow cab driver should be able to speak. >> kicks including some drivers say that a good command of english is needed to read street signs and communicate with passengers. figuress show that immigrants
4:59 pm
make up 96% of the cabbies in new york city. that will do it for us on did 4 on 2. time for the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 with frank and julie. >> ted thank you. tonight colin kaepernick former coach jim harbaugh is talking about kaepernick's decision not to stand during the national an them. >> out i don't respect the motivation or the action. >> also tonight we talk to tommy submit the olympic gold medalist who raised his fist in support of black power during the 1968 olympics hear what he thinks about kaepernick's decision. s decision. . >> good evening i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. call it the kaepernick effect. the second nfl player says he'll sit during the national anthem. 49ers back up quarterback said over the weekend he's taking stand by sitting during the
5:00 pm
national anthem as a way to protest racial injustice in america. out bay reporter jesse gary is following the story outside levi stadium. jessie last hour we heard there is support for kaepernick in the communities most affected by social injustice but where does the movement go from here? >>reporter: frank that's right. we found some people who are pleased one of the players who can play in this stadium on sunday is backing their cause, but they say taking it to the next level means taking it to the next step that's a weigh in of sorts by power brokers who own the teams who run the leaguess and can afford to pay these players. >> who you don't see speaking up on this is the corporate board rooms you don't see the president of these corporations saying this activity is wrong. >>reporter: walter wilson of san jose african-american community service agency says the next battleground in this sit or stand debate takes place in board rooms across the country. earlier today the center of the societal storm wen


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